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I started working in a Parisian law firm before deciding to turn the page and make a dream come true.
June 2013 - Drapeau Noir was born.

What I had in mind was simple: a timeless wardrobe for men, well-tailored and made in Europe with the finest fabrics. I was looking for more than just style. I wanted to source the best materials and family-run workshops that could guarantee their craftsmanship and work conditions.

Since the very first season, day after day, collection after collection, we have forged strong personal ties with our partners. Be they Japanese, Italian, English, Portuguese, or French, we all share the same, unrelenting desire: to focus our efforts on honing our skills, developing the quality of our products, and maintaining authentic relationships.

The collections are inspired by so many things. France of course, especially Paris where I was born and grew up, the freedom of America's counterculture in the 1970s, and finally, a personal vision of discrete masculine elegance… There is so much more, but the list would be too long.

Beyond influences, the most important thing ultimately is how each of us appropriates our clothes. The idea is not to provide a template or a static image. What makes us different is the diversity of experiences and people we love and our individual capacity to invent our own story.

Your appreciation of our first collection and those that followed proves that there are apparently many of us who appreciate uncomplicated, accessible clothing made sustainably.

After several seasons, thanks to your support, that of our partner boutiques and the press, Drapeau Noir is continuing its journey in France and abroad. I hope you like our work.

Boutique Drapeau Noir

75 rue Charlot
75003 Paris - France

Antic Boutik

19, rue de la Prefecture
06300 Nice - France


30, rue Vaugelas
74000 Annecy - France

Cap Horn

12, rue Carnot
19100 Brive - France


2, rue du 4 septembre
66000 Perpignan - France

Centre Commercial

2, rue de Marseille
75010 Paris - France


4, rue Temponières
31000 Toulouse - France

Contre Sens

13, rue de Foix
64000 Pau - France

Culture Denim

4, rue des Trois Molettes
59000 Lille - France


63, rue du Pas Saint-Georges
33000 Bordeaux - France

La Garconnière

40, rue des petits carreaux
75002 Paris - France

La Station

21, rue Crébillon
44000 Nantes - France

Le Shop

3, rue Saint-Castor
30000 Nimes - France

People's Rags

13, rue de l'Argenterie
34000 Montpellier - France


4, rue des Chaudronniers
13100 Aix-en-Provence - France


rue du marché au charbon, 76
1000 Bruxelles - Belgique


11, place du Parlement de Bretagne
35000 Rennes - France

See You

21, rue des réservoirs
78000 Versailles - France

The Next Door

5, rue Folco de Baroncelli
84000 Avignon - France